Grand Rapids Counter-Protest of HR 676 the Socialized Medicine Bill

Grassroots in Michigan organized a counter-protest of HR 676 in Grand Rapids 5-30-09

HR 676 is the “cradle to grave” socialized medicine bill. HR 676 … eliminating choice, and narrowing all of your options down to the single payer, specifically, the federal government.
The federal government, because they will be the ones with the money, will dictate to you what treatments, medicines, and procedures you can or cannot have….kill hundreds of thousands of jobs connected to the private healthcare industry, reduce the income level of the medical profession forcing much of the talent to leave the industry or to not enter the industry in the first place, increase the waiting time for care, and put your health matters into the hands of federal bureaucrats with only cutting the costs of the programs in mind. Healthcare costs will swell, quality of care will drop

Indicatations are that the liberals are ramming this committee and this bill could be up for vote as soon as August. We need to act NOW
What can Tea Party Activists do?

• Email, call, fax, or write your representatives
• Write a Letter to the Editor
• Post to opinion sections of newspaper websites
• Call talk radio
• Send information to your entire email address book
• Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the facts

Contact information links, nationwide:House of Represenatives

Kelli recounts her experience as a student living in Russia

Name Calling Socialist at Counter-Protest


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