Tim Walberg(7th distrist) to run for U.S. House of Representatives

“I trust the American people, while Mark Schauer trusts big government”

Tipton, MI- Tim Walberg today announced he is running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“The people of south central Michigan are hard working, entrepreneurial and care deeply for their community, but are struggling mightily due to excessive government spending, recent tax increases, and a big government that is squashing hope and economic opportunities,” said Walberg

“I cannot sit idly while Congressman Schauer votes to raise taxes, spend trillions we don’t have and bring the failed Granholm strategies he advanced in Michigan to Washington D.C. In contrast, I will fight for Michigan families by working to balance the budget, move America toward energy independence, and provide across-the-board tax relief to reward hard work and spur job creation. I trust the American people, while Mark Schauer trusts big government,” Walberg concluded.


Congressman Tim Walberg represented the people of the 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2007 to 2009. He fought to make government live within its means, prevent tax increases, move America toward energy independence, make health care more affordable, support our troops, secure our border, and defend our traditional values.

Mark Schauer voted for Speaker Pelosi’s massive “cap and trade” national energy tax. [Roll Call Vote 477 on 6-26-09]

·Congressman John Dingell, a key Michigan Democrat and longtime Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said that “nobody in this country realizes that cap and trade is a tax, and it’s a great big one.” [Congressman Dingell speaking in House committee on 4-27-09]

·The Congressional Budget Office predicts gasoline costs would increase by 77 cents per gallon and utility bills could increase by 40-50%. [Rep. Upton Press Release 6-26-09]

·President Obama said cap and trade would cause “electric rates” to “skyrocket.” [San Francisco Chronicle interview of Obama 1-17-08]

Mark Schauer voted for massive federal government spending increases.

·Voted for the $800 billion spending “stimulus” package. [Roll Call Vote 46 on 1-28-09]

·Voted for the $410 billion omnibus appropriations bill that increased spending by 8.4%, included over 8,000 earmarks, and raised spending for the operation of Congress by 11%. [Roll Call Vote 86 on 2-25-09]

·Voted for Speaker Pelosi’s almost $4 trillion Budget that increases the national debt by $5.3 trillion over the next five years. [Roll Call Vote 192 on 4-2-09]

Mark Schauer voted for Governor Granholm’s failed economic strategies.

·With Michigan in a recession, Mark Schauer voted for Governor Granholm’s income tax increase and sales tax on services. [Senate Roll Call votes 397 and 398 on 10-1-07] Schauer even introduced a bill to raise the income tax by 18%. [Mark Schauer introduced Senate Bill 605 on 6-21-07]


2 Responses to “Tim Walberg(7th distrist) to run for U.S. House of Representatives”

  1. 1 Scott Aughney July 20, 2009 at 11:21 pm

    Scott Aughney
    Independent Conservative for Congress

    A Statement About My Candidacy

    Here in Michigan and the rest of our great nation, we have recently experienced dramatic changes in the social, economic, and political landscapes. It is of both the direction and circumstance of the changes that I bring myself to the citizens of South-Central Michigan. After a heartfelt self-examination in which I reviewed my principals, strengths and faults, I decided to forward myself as a candidate for the U.S. Congressional seat in Michigan’s seventh district.

    I embrace a conservative approach to both government and my life. As my platform and values are presented, a pattern reflecting my social, economic, and political conservatism will become evident.

    Not being a wealthy man in terms of money, I count my wealth by my spiritual faith, loved ones, convictions, principles, and determination. I am not infallible, but I do strive for excellence in the execution of my duties.

    I believe that our federal constitution has proven to be the greatest individual governing document in terms of freedoms and boundaries it establishes for its citizens.

    There is a great danger in the concentrated power of a political office, whether federal, state, or local jurisdiction. I’ve spent much time considering this premise behind this. Power can be addictive and without personal restraint, the power of a political office can become destructive for the very people who generate the power for the office holder. I hope that my understanding of this would give a sense of security for citizens of Michigan’s Seventh district with my potential to make decisions affecting their lives.

    Home: Jackson, Michigan

    Age: 44

    Birthplace: Highland Park, Michigan

    Family Status: Single-Never Married, No Children

    Faith: Former Atheist, Non-Denominational Christian convert

    Education: 1983 graduate of Morenci High School, Morenci, Michigan
    Primary college attendance at Jackson Community College and Adrian College with emphasis in biological studies

    Occupation: Marketing and Retail

    Interests: Volunteer work, playing guitar/writing music, storm chasing

  2. 2 Paul Revere March 31, 2010 at 11:27 am

    “The biggest deficit reduction vote in my career.” Mark was referring to his vote for the bill
    “Im not going to lie to you!” Congressman Mark Schauer March 29,2010

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