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Michigan, My Michigan


Michigan Patriots,

2010-the year we TAKE MICHIGAN BACK! Part 1

2009 was a momentous year because We the People went to war. Not just with those outside our country but from within.  We are at war with those who have methodically worked to dismantle our Constitution, torn apart our representative Republic, and who wish to put another form of government in its place.

We have made progress in the “court of public opinion” with President Obama’s popularity plummeting at the polls as we have held tea parties, town halls, protested, called, faxed and e-mailed. The liberals/ socialist /fascists are on the run and we will continue to keep the pressure up…the winning of governors’ races in New Jersey, Virginia, and most recently, the election of Scott Brown to Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat prove that people are fed up…We have the momentum NOW!

The 2010 elections are one of the most important in our life time.

For 2010 we must turn our attention to home, to our beloved Michigan. As Michiganders we have seen the results of the same liberal’s policies that the Obama regime is now trying to implement. After 8 years of liberal “leadership” Michigan is in shambles. Unemployment is at almost 15%, the Car Capitol of the World has seen a government take over of GM, jobs evaporate, foreclosures rise and families leave.

Michiganders, 2010 is the year that we must and will TAKE MICHIGAN BACK!

If we are honest with ourselves we must take responsibility for not being educated and active in the polices that have shaped our lives and hurt Michigan. We need to change that, for our state, our families, and our future. We must muster all soldiers in the Constitutional Conservative army.

But how do we accomplish that?


ü      Identify Constitutional Conservative Candidates with character, in all offices, local, county, state, school boards, and court system, who believe that holding office is a civic duty and that the government is the problem not the answer!

All Michigan House and Senate seats are up for re-election – we have a tremendous opportunity in 2010!

ü      We at Grassroots in Michigan are working on a site that will be “one stop shopping” for information on candidates, races and issues in Michigan as well as tools to  research candidates, voting records and ballot initiatives.

ü      We also ask Michiganders to send us information about what is going on in your District to grassrootsinMI@gmail. You may have a sneak preview by  going here:

Campaigns need two things: People and Money

ü      We must support these candidates with time and/or money. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 hour of 40 hours to give, $5 or $5,000. What matters is that you become engaged. Any campaign will plug you in, in an area that you are comfortable with. Literature drops, phone, banks, admin, door-to door etc are opportunities.

Part Two:

Take over your Party

Like it or not, we have a two party system, despite the talk of a 3rd party. Third parties historically have either disappeared or simply can not win. And to TAKE BACK MICHIGAN we must win.

So how do we, as Constitutional Conservatives take over a party?

You want to change the direction? Then find other people who think like you do and get organized “within” the party. Focus on the next set of Republican precinct organizational meetings and county conventions where local party officials are elected, as well as delegates to district and state conventions. Identify the dates and locations and share them with your friends

ü      County (Republican) precinct organizational meetings can be found here :

The little secret among party insiders (of either party) is that the number of people that participate in the actual organizational meetings where leadership is elected is incredibly low. Far lower even than the small percentage that participates in primary elections

Most precinct delegates require little to no campaigning and some are elected with just one vote! Deadline for filing to run in Michigan is no later than 4:00pm May, 11, 2010 at your county, city, or township clerk office.

ü      Requirements for becoming a precinct delegate in your county can be found here: (Printable and downloadable)

ü      Application to become a precinct delegate can be found here:

ü      Identify those who currently have jobs within your county party and where they stand on our core conservative principles. Then either support them or replace them. It’s as simple as that.

ü      Continue to go to your county party meetings, form a coalition with other constitutional conservatives there, vote, go to the state convention, get on the executive committee, run for vice county chair, and then county chair, then you will be helping to pick the candidates on your party ticket!

When you change who is driving, you’ll change where the vehicle is headed. And in the process you’ll build critical infrastructure for the party, which will make it more likely to be successful for the issues you care about – and help build the conservative movement at the same time!

Elections have consequences, as they say, and that applies not just to public office but also to party office. If you’re really committed to conservative principles, then don’t make it any easier for liberals to win – GET INVOLVED!

  • If you want real change, then focus on the real problem. Change the personnel.

In a nutshell precinct delegates:

What is a Precinct Delegate?
The role of Precinct Delegate is extremely important and is as “grassroots” as you can get. Precinct Delegates are elected by that precinct’s voters to serve as a liaison between voters and the Democrat or Republican Party in your neighborhood.

What is a Precinct?
The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country and it is where elections are won or lost. All voters in a precinct vote at one location. It is your neighborhood, where you know the people and the issues most important to them.

What do Precinct Delegates do?
As a grassroots leader for your party in your precinct, a Precinct Delegate might:
1. Help people get registered to vote; take information on issues and candidates to voters
2. Identify and recruit others interested in your party
3. Help turn out your party’s vote in your neighborhood on Election Day; or inform party leaders about the issues that concern voters.

Complete printable and downloadable copy here:

Michiganders, 2010 is the year that we must and will TAKE MICHIGAN BACK!

America Rising

Grassroots in

Understanding the Supremacy Clause

A recent article in the New York Times covered the growth of state-level resistance to a future national health care plan. For example, in 2010, voters in Arizona will have a chance to approve a state constitutional amendment that would effectively ban national health care in that state. Legislators in Florida and Michigan have already introduced similar legislation, and potentially, 15 other states will do so in the 2010 legislative session.

But heres something fundamentally important that NYT writer Monica Davey claims in her article:

The Constitutions supremacy clause ordinarily allows federal law to, in essence, trump a state law that conflicts with it

A best, this is a highly-misleading statement.

There are two main points to make here:

1. The supremacy clause does not allow federal law to trump state law in all situations, or even ordinarily as Davey claims. It only does so when both laws are in pursuance of a power that has been delegated to the federal government by We the People. in the Constitution.

2. We know that this is the case because Monicas version of the supremacy clause was actually proposed by leading founders and rejected. When the Constitution was being drafted, James Madison and others proposed what came to be known as the Virginia Plan. A major part of this plan was to give the congress a veto over state laws. It was defeated. That means, in plain English, the founders considered this idea, and said no. And Davey is irrefutably wrong in her claim.

So we know from this short lesson that the supremacy clause did not authorize the power that Davey is claiming. In reality, things are pretty much the other way around. The biggest Constitutional problems that actually exist in this country are those times when the federal government exercises powers not delegated to it by We the People. And that happens far more often than not.

Unfortunately, though, not enough people know this important history of the Virginia Plan, and this basic premise of the Constitution, so theyre easily swayed by patently false statements by people like Davey and the New York

Call for Nullification

Nullification is a constitutional theory that gives an individual state the right to declare null and void any law passed by the United States Congress which the state deems unacceptable and unconstitutional. The concept is most well-known in the context of the sectionalist crisis that plagued the Union in the 40 years preceding the Civil War.

The origins of nullification are found in the Federalist-Republican debate of the late 1700s. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson in the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (1798) declared that the states had the right to nullify laws by which the federal government overstepped its limits of jurisprudence.

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